February 2, 2022


We've updated our home page so that the example image in the banner is now clickable and redirects to a page that shows the example.  (Yes this is a valid Etherium wallet address - feel free to send us some ETH!)

Proof of concept: ACCOMPLISHED!

Check it out:  will return the value  will return JSON of all values in /dave/mm  will return JSON of all values in /dave

January 21, 2022

Interface preview

Keys and values can be created and organized with ease:

Example of how keys/URLs are created  will return:
   0x62fFCA6618986514d3c2f53438EBDDB7fc822DBd  will return: (JSON)
   {"eth": "0x62fFCA6618986514d3c2f53438EBDDB7fc822DBd"}  will return: (JSON)
   {"mm":{"eth": "0x62..."},"binance":{"btc":"1G5K...","ada":"DdzF..."}}

January 10, 2022 is live

Website framework is online.

January 9, 2022 registered

Decided on and registered "" as the domain name.

December 28, 2021

I've got an idea...

On this day - the concept of a domain that returns multiple IDs based on the URL - arrived in our brains.